Leading the Charge: Selina Cook Steps into Role of Chief Operating Officer

She’s the woman with the plan, the accountability officer, and the ultimate doer when it comes to getting stuff done. For nearly 17 years, Selina Cook’s vision and leadership has played a fundamental part in shaping ECI’s history, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her into the new role of Chief Operating Officer!


“ECI is extremely fortunate to have a tenured leader like Selina Cook within our organization,” said Ted Johnson, president of ECI. “Selina has always been a selfless team player, who provides support across all facets of our business and is a true role model – not only for me but also for women in construction. Selina will be instrumental in the continued growth, success, risk management and financial stability of ECI for many years to come.”


To say that Selina’s new role is well-deserved would be an understatement. She originally began her career at ECI in 2003 as a part-time receptionist, which quickly evolved into a full-time office manager position. By 2005, she led our accounting and bookkeeping division. As her training progressed, Selina assumed the duties of handling ECI’s payroll, tax reporting, financial reporting and forecasting, and cash flow management. She was promoted to the officer position of Secretary/Treasurer/Controller in 2009 and became a partner in the company. Over the next five years, Selina continued to expand the office personnel, allowing her to transition into the role of Vice President of Finance & Administration in 2014.


“It has been an honor to work, learn and grow within such a tight-knit organization,” said Selina. “I look forward to expanding on the many opportunities I have been afforded so that I can continue ECI’s legacy of development and help lead the company’s expansion. This leadership role will help instill the internal culture and passion needed for the future success and employee growth.”


Selina’s career milestones largely coincided with formative ECI events. When she began in 2003, ECI was still operating under its original name of Environmental Concerns, Inc., employed 12 full-time staff members and had a revenue of $7.5 million annually. By March 2004, ECI fully transitioned into being a site general contractor exclusively with new ownership. During this time, Selina initiated and implemented a more robust accounting software program and brought the company’s external accounting preparation internally. The methodical accounting controls and processes she developed profoundly contributed to the strategic growth and success of the company.


Today, ECI is one of the leading general contractors in northern Colorado and operates a $47 million corporation at the brink of 50 employees. In her new role of COO, Selina will directly oversee company financial reporting and planning, provide leadership, performance management, operating efficiency, strategic alignment, and internal accountability. She will continue to influence the future of ECI as she aligns internal controls and accountability to ensure efficiency and apply business operations strategies, plans and procedures.


Selina’s remarkable career journey has not gone unnoticed. In 2019, she was nominated as a BizWest Woman of Distinction in the Real Estate, Construction and Development category. Moving forward, she will be the driving force in promoting ECI’s company culture and overall vision.


Congrats on your new role, Selina!