Let the Games Begin

Northwest Open Space is a 50-acre athletic complex located just south of 112th Avenue between Federal Boulevard and Huron Street. The athletic complex is made up of four baseball/softball fields and 19 turf athletic fields of various sizes, which are used for youth and adult sports, including soccer, lacrosse and football. The trails in the open space are also used for cycling, running, walking and other outdoor recreation opportunities.

The renovation included the replacement of the asphalt trails with concrete in the central portion of the site, the addition of a permanent restroom and concession building, shade structures, additional parking and improved landscaping and drainage. Northwest Open Space was originally developed between the late 1970s and mid 1980s as an outdoor recreation space. Since that time, there have been minor renovations to the turf fields and baseball/softball fields, but this was the first major renovation to occur in this space.

Owner – City of Northglenn
Architect | Engineer – DHM Design