Certified Skate Plaza

The Erie Community Skate Park consists of a nearly 17,000 square foot plaza. It is the world’s first permanent outdoor Street League-certified skateboarding park. ECI’s team provided more than 40 percent of the staff and equipment to construct the course, which is a replica of the temporary Street League course in Glendale, Arizona, which was used during the 2012 Street League tour.

Prominent features include a massive, diverse six-stair concrete skills element, Musco lighting for night skating, a custom shelter, landscape and irrigation, and rock wall planters.

Pro skateboarder and Street League founder Rob Dyrdek championed the project and was the keynote speaker at the March 2013 grand opening ceremony. He expressed optimism that the Erie course could become a future professional competitive arena.

Owner – Town of Erie
Architect – California Skateparks