ECI is renovating three parks for the City of Englewood: Cushing Park, Centennial Park, and Baker Park.

Cushing Park

We have re-paved the parking lot and installed new sidewalks and a new irrigation system. The highlights of this park are the new skate park American Ramp Company will be installing and the new fitness court that will be installed where the current skatepark is located. We will also be installing a new prefabricated restroom building, a new picnic shelter, and site furnishings.

Centennial Park

The main highlight of this park will be the installation of a new playground and renovation of the basketball court. This park will also receive a new picnic shelter, prefabricated restroom building, and site furnishings.

Baker Park

The main highlight is going to be a new playground, as well as a new picnic shelter, prefabricated restroom, landscaping and irrigation, site furnishings, and crusher fine paths.

Owner – City of Englewood

Architect | Engineer – Goodbee & Associates