Mile Long River Restoration

Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park is a picturesque 75-acre natural area with trails meandering through abundant wildlife and native plants. For years, however, the area was an eyesore, with encroaching urbanization causing devastating storm runoff, stream erosion, vegetation loss and severe infrastructure damage.

Working cooperatively with five governmental agencies, ECI completed 50 percent of the project scope using in-house staff and equipment. Erosion control measures ensured that site improvements were completed with minimal land/creek disturbance.

First, ECI built a mile-long diversion channel to redirect Cherry Creek, installed 14,000 tons of rock in the original channel, excavated 60,000 cubic yards of soil, and placed more than 12,000 cubic yards of concrete grade control structures and 300,000 square feet of Coir Erosion Control Blanket.

Owner – Urban Drainage Flood Control District
Engineer – Muller Engineering