In 1980, we planted our roots in the landscaping field. Throughout the last 40 years, we have grown to be one of Colorado’s leading general contractors in the horizontal construction industry.

ECI specializes in creating premier outdoor spaces that foster community connection and enhance the environment so future generations will love being outside as much as we do. We have decades of expertise in constructing parks, sporting venues, waterways, public outdoor spaces and civil projects. Our crew cultivates strong relationships with subcontractors, clients and project teams so that we can deliver the highest quality in everything we do.

The ECI Difference

What sets ECI apart from other general contractors? The values that fueled our beginnings are the same values our team exemplifies today. When Brian Peterson founded ECI in Loveland, Colorado in 1980, his “heavy equipment” consisted of a pickup truck and wheelbarrow, and his daily tasks involved shoveling dirt, planting trees, and installing irrigation systems. Through dedication, integrity and heavy investment in clients’ visions, ECI soon developed into one of Colorado’s leading general contractors in the horizontal construction industry.

A lot has changed over the past four decades: Our team has grown to more than 50 employees, our heavy equipment is actually what most would consider heavy equipment, and our projects are enjoyed by entire cities – not just by the client. But a lot has stayed the same. We still operate with authenticity, passion, unparalleled hard work, and – most of all – the goal to beautify Colorado communities with premier outdoor spaces.

“Be respectful and never take for granted who got you where you are today – family, mentors, partners, coworkers, strategic partners and most importantly clients.”