ECI is a premier general contractor, serving areas as far north as Wellington and as far south as Castle Rock – with numerous projects in Fort Collins, Loveland, Denver and everywhere in between. As a construction manager, we partner with our clients throughout the entire project. Our qualified team suggests updates to the finished design that can positively impact project costs, scheduling, materials and efficiency. Constant collaboration throughout the entire project is key.

The CM/GC Process

  • During the first contract phase, ECI works with the designer and client to identify risks, provide projections and refine the project schedule.
  • After the project cost is negotiated and approved, the second contract phase of construction begins.

Benefits of CM/GC Method

  • CM/GC saves time during both the design and construction phases
  • Reduces risk and allows for more flexibility
  • Improves efficiency through fewer change orders and optimized schedules
  • Enhances collaboration and innovation within the project team
  • Higher design quality and improved cost control
  • Clarifies and schedules permit procurement