Park and Flood Control Improvements

Torrential rains the night before Utah Park’s August 9, 2008 grand opening left its two, newly built massive retention ponds completely full. “It’s working just like it is supposed to,” said Paul Hindman, executive director of the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District. ECI renovated the 47-acre park to serve a dual purpose:  be the neighborhood’s gathering place and become a flood control facility. For the $5.2M redevelopment ECI:

  • Demolished the old park site
  • Created two large retention ponds to increase water storage capacity
  • Built custom shelters and restroom building
  • Installed numerous sidewalks, decorative plazas, and parking lots
  • Created buff sandstone retaining walls and new channels
  • Built a new pump station and irrigation system
  • Constructed new playground with water features
  • Planted considerable sod and native seed areas

Owner:  City of Aurora
Architect:  Design Concepts
Location:  Aurora, Colorado