Trail extension and bridges reduce dangers for pedestrians

In 2014, Great Outdoors Colorado announced a grant to Adams County for the trail, noting, “A two-mile gap in the South Platte River Trail presently forces users onto the narrow shoulders of 104th Avenue and Brighton Road, which have speed limits of 50 and 45 miles per hour respectively. This is a dangerous route that discourages families and youth from utilizing the entire trail.” ECI’s $1.5M construction of the trail included building two pedestrian bridges – one 250 feet long spanning the South Platte River and the other 70 feet long crossing Bull Seep Irrigation Canal. Together, they provide the missing link in the trail system, connecting users to other trails and nearly 1,500 acres of park and open space. To install the bridges, extensive dewatering of the river and installing sheet piles was the first step. This allowed ECI to install concrete piers in the river that support the bridges, all while avoiding annual spring run off season.

Owner – Adams County
Engineering Firm – Drexel, Barrell & Co.