Unlike Anything Else in the City

For over 100 years, Johnson-Habitat Park along Denver’s South Platte River was a city dump, with nearby industrial businesses also spilling sewage into the river. Today, the area is a beautiful neighborhood park, urban outdoor education center, campground and place to get out and play. The City and County of Denver selected ECI for the $5.2M construction project, which included soil remediation prior to construction start. The ECI team worked with Pinyon Environmental to remove more than 18,000 cubic yards of friable asbestos-impacted soil while maintaining compliance with State requirements.  After remediation, ECI imported and compacted clean fill, and conducted water control/ armoring to construct a new concrete jetty for river access.

 The park features a central green space surrounded by several areas that allow for “natural play.” An example is a “wickiup” jungle gym ECI created using salvaged trees taken down on the riverbank. Smaller branches were repurposed as movable elements. Kids can create forts and their own play environments. Other park features include a campground on a high point that accommodates groups of 30 for “small-scale urban camping” and an amphitheater ECI created from faux boulders centered around a fire pit. “This park is unlike anything else in the city and metro area,” said Michael Bouchard, Assistant to Design & Construction City of Denver Parks.

Owner – City and County of Denver
Architect – DHM Design  |  Engineer– ICON Engineering