CM/GC Shoreline and Water Quality Improvements

For years, the City of Northglenn repeatedly repaired 30-year-old Huron Street due to  adjoining Croke Reservoir eroding  the shoreline. While backfilling and shore stabilization somewhat helped, the problem persisted. Plus, the unhealthy reservoir needed rehabilitation to restore fishery and wildlife habitats. For the $3.45M CM/GC project, ECI demolished and reconstructed Huron Street’s infrastructure; installed 60- and 48-inch storm sewers; replaced the waterline; and managed all traffic control, signal work, and roadway signage and striping. For reservoir improvements, ECI drained the 16-acre lake while performing extensive riprap work, hauled off 30,000 cubic yards of sediment including 20,000 cubic yards of muck, stabilized the eastern shoreline with rock and mortar, and added a new lake overflow structure. Finishing touches included a decorative plaza with a water feature, steps leading to the water’s edge, one mile of soft surface trails and fish habitats.

The project received the 2009 Engineering and Construction Management Award from the American Public Works Association (APWA) – Colorado Chapter.

Owner:  City of Northglenn

Lead Design Engineer / Owners Rep: J&T Consulting, Inc.
Landscape Architect:  DHM Design
Location:  Northglenn, Colorado