A New Town Gathering Space: Severance Community Park Breaks Ground

The ECI crew has built a number of community parks over the past several years – Twin Silo Park in Fort Collins, Mehaffey Park in Loveland, Margaret Carpenter Park in Thornton, just to name a few. These projects are some of the most rewarding because we get to watch families in our community enjoy them for years to come. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce that construction for Severance Community Park has officially begun!

The project broke ground in January 2020 and is expected to conclude in the summer of 2020. The park will be located in the northwest corner of WCR 72 and WCR 23 in Severance, Colorado.

“ECI is thrilled to be part of another community park in our northern Colorado backyard,” said Ted Johnson, president of ECI. “The new Severance Community Park will provide great new amenities for Severance residents, as well as a place to gather and recreate. We look forward to incorporating local subcontractors and tradespeople during construction so they can put their footprint on a project that serves the community.”

The $2.5 million project will be delivered under the CM/GC method and consist of numerous unique aspects:

  • New turn lanes into the park
  • 26 acres of earthwork
  • A large sod field for town events
  • New parking
  • Grading and infrastructure for future baseball and softball fields
  • A sledding hill

ECI is excited to partner with the Town of Severance and Colorado Civil Group for this project. We look forward to sharing progress updates in the coming months!

A Win for the Home Team: Jefferson County Public Schools

After many months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that the Jefferson County Public Schools Field Improvement project was finished in late November.


The ECI team began the massive project in April 2019, and we are proud to share that this was ECI’s largest contract to date.  ECI was hired by Jefferson County Public Schools to conduct site improvements for nine public schools: Arvada High School, Chatfield High School, Conifer High School, Dakota Ridge High School, Evergreen High School, Lakewood High School, Ralston Valley High School, Three Creeks K-8, and West Jefferson Middle School.


The improvements largely consisted of replacing grass sports fields with synthetic turf and the installation of post-tension tennis and track facilities. These renovations were a part of an extensive voter-approved $567 million capital improvement program that included both internal and external updates.


This project was successfully completed thanks to the dedication of numerous entities: Jefferson County Public Schools, Hord Coplan Macht, JVA Engineering, and a strategic team of subcontractors.


We look forward to continuing our partnership with Jeffco Public Schools in the future!


19 ECI Highlights of 2019

Raise a glass – it’s time to cheers to another year. With 2019 almost in the rearview, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect back on all the excitement ECI has seen throughout the past 12 months. Without further ado, let’s delve into the top 19 things that have happened in 2019:


Completed Projects:

1. Big Thompson Legacy

Our team restored the final stretch – a whopping 8,525 feet – of the Big Thompson River that was affected by the 2013 flood.


2. Loveland Sports Park Phase II

In 2005, ECI constructed the first phase of Loveland Sports Park, and 14 years later we finished phase two to accommodate the park’s popularity.


3. Northwest Open Space

Renovations to this 50-acre athletic complex included a permanent restroom and concession building, shade structures, additional parking and much more.


4. Poudre River Whitewater Park

As the first whitewater park in northern Colorado, this project was truly one of a kind and featured boating features for kayaking and tubing, a pedestrian bridge, children’s play area, and new paved trails and walkways.


5. Jeffco Public Schools Field Improvements

Our largest project to date! Our team conducted site improvements for nine public schools that consisted of replacing grass sports fields with synthetic turf and the installation of post-tension tennis and track facilities.


6. Windy Saddle Trailhead

Our team made new improvements to this trailhead in Golden!


Ongoing Projects:

7. Site Work Along Cherry Creek

We are reshaping the channel of Cherry Creek between University Boulevard and N. Downing Street by removing sediment deposits, adding wetland benches, and adding natural meanders.


8. Painted Prairie

A new housing development just wouldn’t be complete without beautiful neighborhood parks and green spaces! We’ve got the playgrounds, gardens, orchards and trails covered.


9. Marston Lake North Drainageway

Our team is retrofitting an existing drainageway and pond to improve conveyance and capacity, while enhancing both the adjacent neighborhood trails and park systems.


2020 Projects:

10. Timnath Community Park

As the Town of Timnath grows, their park needs to grow too! ECI is looking forward to building a natural style of playground, a large open play field, additional parking areas, a new dog park, and a custom restroom building during phase two.


11. Severance Community Park       

Get ready for Severance town festivals! The new park will include 26 acres of earthwork, a large sod field for town events, and baseball and softball fields.


12. Platte Farm Detention Basin

This project has a little bit of everything – we’re creating a detention pond to help with stormwater and flooding, as well as an open space with trails, landscaping and irrigation, access roads and more.


13. 39th Avenue Greenway

Our project scope will generally include the amenity plazas, nature play components, and associated boulder work.



14. MS Walk

Our team of ECI employees, family members and friends all joined together to walk for a cure for multiple sclerosis in May.


15. ECI Annual Golf Tournament

This June, we teed off for a good cause at Pelican Lakes in Windsor. Our annual golf tournament raised $15,000 for the Aims Foundation. Stay tuned for details on our 2020 tournament on June 18!


16. Aims Foundation

Speaking of the Aims Foundation, our team has proudly partnered with the scholarship branch of Aims Community College through numerous events to provide opportunity for future industry workers.


17. Greenway Foundation

ECI has been a longtime supporter of the Greenway Foundation and truly values their efforts to preserve the South Platte River. Our team had a great time at their events throughout the year, such as the South Platte Stewardship Day and Reception on the River!


18. BizWest Women of Distinction Award: Selina Cook

We always knew she was fantastic, but now it’s official! Our very own Selina Cook was honored as a BizWest Woman of Distinction nominee in the Real Estate, Construction and Development category.


19. BizWest Bravo! Entrepreneur Honoree: Brian Peterson

Special congratulations to our founder, Brian Peterson, for receiving BizWest’s Bravo! Entrepreneur Award. His vision, expertise and dedication is why our company stands today.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success in 2019, and we look forward to the excitement coming down the pipeline in 2020!

The Home Stretch: Restoring the Big Thompson Legacy

When the rain started falling in Colorado in September 2013, no one expected it to turn into one of the most destructive floods in our state’s history. After a few days of intense rainfall, numerous regions were left with demolished roads, bridges, parks, homes and waterways. The path to revitalization has been a slow-moving one, to say the least, but the end of the tunnel is near. ECI is proud to have been a part of this journey by restoring the final stretch of the Big Thompson River that was impacted by the 2013 flood.

The Final Stretch of the Big Thompson River

ECI was selected by the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition to complete the design and fast-track construction of this final stretch of river, which included Reaches 30 and 31 west of Loveland. Reach 30 spans the Big Thompson River from Rossum Drive to Namaqua Avenue and includes the Rist-Goss Ditch. The entire project consisted of 8,525 feet of river corridor restoration.

Big Thompson River Flood Damage

During the 2013 flood, the river avulsed in multiple locations, resulting in extensive damage to adjacent properties and the destruction of nearby banks. Temporary repairs were made, but it wasn’t until late 2018 that a long-term solution was set in motion. The restoration project began in November 2018 and, thanks to concentrated management and determination, it was completed a mere eight months later in July 2019.

Big Thompson River Restoration Process

Along with Otak Inc., CDM Smith and a dedicated team of subcontractors, our crew made significant improvements to the river:

  • Increased the channel floodplain connection for a range of flow events
  • Improved river and riparian habitat by increasing organic matter in the reach through the addition of three large wood structures
  • Encouraged channel narrowing in over-widened portions by adding point bars throughout the Reach
  • Reduced surface erosion and increased riparian and upland habitat through revegetation
  • Improved sediment conveyance and fish passage by removing and replacing the existing Rist-Goss dam with a series of riffle structures

It’s always a privilege to take on a project right in our own backyard, and it’s even more of a privilege when that project is restoring a region that holds significant meaning for so many people. Learn more about the Big Thompson Legacy project, and check out some of the project photos below!




A Growing Park for a Growing Community: ECI Begins Construction on Timnath Community Park Phase Two

The word’s gotten out, and the votes are in: Colorado is the place to be. It’s no secret that our state’s population has boomed in recent years, and many small towns are witnessing exponential growth. As more and more young families are planting their roots in northern Colorado, the Town of Timnath is no exception to the recent growth explosion. The current Timnath Community Park, located at 5500 Summerfields Pkwy., is expanding to accommodate this increase, and ECI is thrilled to be a part of it!


Construction of Timnath Community Park Phase Two officially began in late November 2019, with ECI at the helm as the project’s Construction Manager/General Contractor. The second phase will be constructed across 12 acres and is being delivered under the CM/GC process. The first work package that includes the civil infrastructure and certain site features will be approximately $1.5 million, with the remainder of the project being incorporated before year end. The park will consist of numerous unique features:


  • A natural style of playground
  • A large open play field
  • Additional parking areas
  • A new dog park
  • A custom restroom building


“ECI looks forward to partnering with the Town on the construction of another great amenity for the people of Timnath here in northern Colorado,” said Ted Johnson, president of ECI. “The residents of Timnath have high expectations for this next phase of the park, and ECI is proud to have assembled a quality team for construction of this project.”


Phase one of Timnath Community Park was completed in summer 2016 and includes a playground, picnic shelter, plaza area, structure for restrooms and storage, and a large open space. It has since become a central location for town events, small concerts and community gatherings.


Connecting communities through diverse outdoor spaces is what ECI does best, and we can’t wait to deliver this project for the residents of Timnath!


Current Timnath Community Park, courtesy of Timnath.org

ECI Winter 2019 Newsletter

Between multiple successfully completed projects and even more new projects on the horizon, the ECI team has had an eventful year. Catch up on what we’ve up to and see what we have planned for the future in our winter 2019 newsletter!


Industry Insights: Collaboration and Communication

If you look outside your window as you drive to work or have caught a glimpse of the Denver skyline lately, you’ve most likely noticed that the construction industry is booming. While this has provided a multitude of opportunities for people to jumpstart careers and businesses, it has also brought about a few challenges that many companies are working through on a daily basis. One such challenge that seems to be front and center for most contractors is the overall shortage of resources – qualified craft workers, equipment shortages, material shortages, etc. As a general contractor, we see this challenge particularly in the subcontract market, which has a direct impact on our ability to produce reliable and accurate project schedules and budgets.


Over the years, we have found that one of the key ingredients to navigating these challenges is to develop and maintain solid relationships with our subcontractors and strategic partners. These relationships allow us to have open dialog with these teams to assess schedule and budget issues, not only as they develop but hopefully prior to us breaking ground. At the end of the day, it is all about effective communication among project team members. If you can establish this strong communication early on in the project, you can leverage these relationships when challenges present themselves over the course of the project – and you know they will because this is construction, after all.


Strong relationships are a two-way street: You have to be willing to listen if you want to be heard. It’s important to try to understand the challenges that any particular subcontractor is facing and work to help mitigate these issues. If you can do this, the subcontractor will oftentimes move mountains when needed.


ECI starts this process in the pre-construction phase. We sit down with key subcontractors and discuss the potential challenges that they see so that we can help them address these issues. Our team finds out what the subcontractor needs in order to have the best opportunity to be successful on the project, e.g., asking how they can provide the most efficient workflow, schedule, and area. Following this process typically sends you to the top of the subcontractor’s list for scheduling – and your project schedule and budget benefits directly as well.


One way that ECI accomplishes this is to monitor and cross-check schedules when we have the same subcontractor on multiple sites in an attempt to limit schedules stacking on top of each other. Unfortunately, this is sometimes unavoidable, but it is always helpful for everyone to know the plan well in advance so that we can devise a strategy on how to achieve the work, rather than figure it out once it is too late.


When it comes down to it, treat your subcontractors well and they will return the favor. There is a reason it is called a project team – every team member and subcontractor has a very important role in the success of a project. As a general contractor, our role is to figure out how to manage this potential and allow the team to work as efficiently as possible. If we can do this, the rest of the project takes care of itself.


Let the Adventure Begin: Poudre River Whitewater Park is Now Open

The idea of a local whitewater park had been a Fort Collins dream for years. Mixing the rushing rapids of mountain life with the adventurous spirit embodied by Coloradans young and old eventually propelled this vision into a reality. After much planning, designing and sheer hard work, the Poudre River Whitewater Park was officially born in October 2019. This is the very first whitewater park to open in northern Colorado, and ECI is proud to include it on our list of completed projects.

A One-of-a-Kind Venue

Construction for the park began in August 2018. It drew ample attention throughout the entire construction process – and for good reason. It includes numerous unique aspects that set it apart from other outdoor venues in the region. Along with boating features for kayaking and tubing, the park has an enormous pedestrian bridge, children’s play area, new paved trails and walkways, and it is adorned with 3,000 willow whips lining the river’s edge.

River Floodplain Improvements

The project purpose wasn’t just for recreation – our team significantly improved the river floodplain. The Poudre River 100-Year floodway was narrowed from 770 to 325 feet wide, and the conveyance of floodwater under the College Avenue Bridge increased from 12,271 to 13,900 cubic feet per second. Additionally, ECI designed, engineered and installed a coffer dam that met all state water requirements to fully divert the Poudre River, without allowing it to flood during construction activities.

Sustainability as a Chief Focus

As with all our projects, sustainability took a front seat during the entire project to preserve the natural habitat. More than 10,000 cubic yards of rock materials are included in the river, and 100 percent of river rock extracted from the Poudre River was repurposed within the park. Similarly, our design team strategically crafted three wooden benches that were repurposed from trees removed from the project site and were placed throughout the park. Our team delicately worked around the historical Coy diversion structure with links to the Poudre river’s storied agricultural past. Finally, as to not negatively impact river inhabitants, we worked with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and a fish biologist to incorporate a fish passage in the Poudre River for safe transport of fish.

A Team Effort

It is because of numerous dedicated entities that the Poudre River Whitewater Park came into fruition. A very special thanks to the following crews: The City of Fort Collins, Anderson Consulting Engineers, BHA Design Inc., S2o Design, and a strategic subcontractor team.

Visit the park, located at 201 E. Vine Drive in Fort Collins, year-round from 5 a.m.-11 p.m.!




As we wrap up the week and the month of May 2019, we are pleased to share our bi-annual newsletter. ECI has been fortunate to collaborate with some great partners on many exciting and diverse projects, expand our talented team, and participate in community volunteer events this spring. We want to thank everyone who is part of our success.


We are excited to continue our tradition of our 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament. We are pleased to join forces once again with Aims Community College where 100% of all of the proceeds from the tournament will be supporting our future resources! We have sponsorship opportunities still available as well as open spots for teams! Contact Jamie Davis if you have questions and would like to sign up | jamie.davis@ecisite.net