Back in the ‘80s when Brian Peterson launched Environmental Concerns (predecessor of ECI Site Construction Management), his ‘heavy equipment’ consisted of a pickup truck and wheel barrow. He shoveled dirt, planted trees, hauled rocks and installed irrigation systems 7 days a week. Although small, the company had a big reputation for being genuinely interested in clients’ aspirations, growing deep-rooted relationships and putting clients’ interests above the team’s own. Soon, much bigger and complex projects arrived – such as general construction of large municipal recreation projects — and Brian renamed the company to ECI Site Construction Management. Today, that same integrity, passion and authenticity drive the entire ECI team. It’s what makes the employee-owned company different…along with its ability to tackle projects that simultaneously require civil work, hardscape and greenspace construction. Add in its CM/GC and Design-Build expertise and you see ECI is quite a rare firm serving the public and private sectors.